Check out the major challenge entries for Robogals Science Challenge 2017!

Junior Category

Anoushka Gupta - Smart Sprinkler System using IFTTT

Isobel McAllister – Isobel’s Family Tree

Molly Cooper – What Happens To The Water We Drink?

Ruby McFadden and Molly Vancers – Happy robot!

Gemma Chindamo – Genetics of Eye colour and Gender

Mahi Nandrajog – Fidget Spinner                                             

Reyna Mitchell Sheehan and Adele Collits – Happy Robot

Immi McAllister – My Family Characteristic

Matilda Rogers and Mia Rozek – Family Tree (Genetics)

Ria Blade – My Family Tree                                   

Intermediate Category

Amy Shipway – Runner                                                     

Lucy Row – Handy Hydraulics                                

Elizabeth Gordon-Saker – Family Eye Colours

Kira Macarthur – Plant eHealth                                   

Senior Category

Amy Denton and Caitlin Drewer – Mass, Volume & Density                          

Ellie Cheung and Shania Paranavithana – Why are bubbles circular?