The Robogals Science Challenge is an online competition for girls aged 5-15. The competition consists of 2 components: the minor challenges and a major challenge. Spanning 4 months, the Science Challenge will give participants a chance to explore different STEM topics through minor challenges. Towards the end of the competition, participants will design their own project and present their findings through a video submission.
The deadline for final submissions isĀ 4 August 2018.

What are the Minor Challenges?

Participants will complete at least 2 minor challenges throughout the competition. These are science projects that can be done at home. A list of projects covering 12 topics will be provided after registration.

What is the Major Challenge?

Participants choose any STEM topic or project of their liking. They will then present their project in a 4-minute video submission as well as complete the written questionnaire. While there are no set topics for the major challenge, participants should consider the engineering applications of their STEM topic of choice.
Stuck on what to do? Here are a few prompts to help you:

  • Look up a science project online. Spend some time thinking about what the potential applications of this project is.
  • Extend a minor challenge project to include some additional engineering applications or improvements.
  • Think about a problem you face in your daily life and engineer a solution for it. Maybe you have a door that slams very loudly during windy days. What would you do to stop it from slamming? Or would you make something so that when it closes, it doesn't create a loud bang?
  • Research a STEM topic of interest. Maybe you've read or heard something you don't quite understand. Explore the underlying scientific concept by researching and reviewing articles. How do you think your topic of interest will benefit the world? Is there a basis for engineers to work on?

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