Minor Challenges Overview

From the months of April through to July, we will introduce you to some of the disciplines of engineering and areas of science. To do this we will set new challenges every two weeks relating to various fields of science and engineering. For each of these disciplines we will release three challenges at three levels of difficulty. Though these levels are designed to match your age groups, they are not limited to any set age and are open for anyone to try.

  • Choose an area of science or engineering which interests you from the list
  • Choose a challenge from your age category or higher
  • Complete the experiment and explain your findings using multimedia i.e. with photos, drawings, images etc.

You must complete a minimum of TWO Minor Challenge projects from your age category or higher in total to be eligible to participate in the Major Challenge. Attempt as many of them as possible, including trying different levels as well as disciplines. This will help you to develop skills for the final Major Challenge, and it may even give you an idea to develop on for the Major Challenge.

Suggested Ages for Difficulty Categories

5-8 years old9-12 years old13-15 years old

Key Dates

Set 1 releasedTBC
Set 2 releasedTBC
Set 3 releasedTBC
Set 4 releasedTBC

Submission Guideline

In 2020, we are changing how submissions work. Instead of sending an email, you will need to fill out a form and upload your submission there. If there are any issues send us an email at [email protected].

If you need to send multiple files, it is best to zip your files into a single file then upload that. Click here for more information about zipping your files. DO NOT submit multiple uploads for a single Minor Challenge.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Covid-19 Notice

Robogals Science Challenge will continue to run in 2020 stronger than ever.

As all of you will know, there has been significant disruptions to every day life due to Covid-19, in particular education has been interrupted. As an online competition we believe our role this year in providing educational content and competitions will be even more important and we continue to encourage as many girls to participate as possible. We understand it may be difficult to obtain equipment for some of our challenges therefore we will indicate the minor challenges which do not require any equipment other than a laptop and internet connection with an asterisk (*) next to the name. Those not marked with an asterisk may or may not need a few or many supplies so have a read through the ones you’re interested in to see if you are able to complete them.

We hope you enjoy participating in the Robogals Science Challenge Minor Challenges!

Minor Challenge Set #1

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Minor Challenge Set #2

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Minor Challenge Set #3

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Minor Challenge Set #4

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