Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Science Challenge

Q. Are boys allowed to participate in the Science Challenge?

A. As we are a competition promoting the participation of girls and non-binary students in the STEM field, we are only accepting girls and non-binary students as entrants in the Major Challenge. This means that boys can still register for the Science Challenge and participate in Minor Challenges as well as submit entries, however cannot enter the Major Challenge.

Minor Challenge

Q: Do I need to do two minor challenges of the currently released set to qualify for the Major Challenge?

A: Minor challenges are released in sets of four three weeks apart. You can do any 2 minor challenge (or more) from any set as long as they are done and submitted in 2020.

Q: What format should my Minor Challenge submission be?

A: We’ll accept any format. If you’d like to be creative such as submit a video or a fancy powerpoint you are welcome to do so. Otherwise a word document with questions and answers will do as well.

Q: If my child is turning ___ years old on ____ do I register her as intermediate/senior?

A. We don’t mind too much about the specifics. But as a general rule, we’ll use the start of the Major Challenge submissions (9th June 2020). If your student turns 9 before this date they should be entered at an Intermediate level or if your student turns 13 before this date they should be entered at a Senior level.

Q. The file upload will only let me upload a maximum of 2mb. What should I do if my file is larger than this?

A. If the file is slightly larger than 2mb, you can try zipping your file to get it below 2mb. If your file is much larger or zipping doesn’t work, you can email [email protected] with the submission information. Please include your First Name, Last Name, Email, Name of Minor Challenge and any additional comments.

Science and Engineering Day (SED)

Q. What happened to qualifying for the Major Challenge via attending a Science and Engineering Day?

A. Due to Covid19, the first Science and Engineering Day held in April was postponed until lockdown restrictions have lifted. The second one is scheduled for July however will only proceed if restrictions have lifted by June. As a result, for now the only way to qualify for a Major Challenge is to complete two Minor Challenges but this will be changed if SEDs are able to be run in July.