The Robogals Science Challenge is an Australia-wide online STEM competition for girls ages 5-15. It aims to promote innovation and exploration through hands-on projects, which can be completed with a friend, parent, or mentor.

The competition format has two main Challenges. Girls are required to complete 2 Minor Challenges before being eligible for the Major Challenge.

What are Minor Challenges?

A series of mini projects related to various STEM disciplines will be released. Participants should complete at least two before being able to progress to the next stage of the competition.

Alternatively, the girls can attend a Science and Engineering (SED) Day Workshop (held in most Australian states in April and July), which counts as successful completion of two Minor Challenges. 

What is a Major Challenge?

The Major Challenge requires participants to create their own research task and produce a video to show their findings. Participants are free to choose a topic within STEM.

What are the age categories?

Participants are entered into one of three age divisions:

Junior: 5 – 8 years
Intermediate: 9 – 12 years
Senior: 13 – 15 years

Entries to the competition are to be submitted online as videos, photos, and writing.


2019 Key dates

4 March: Competition launches, first set of Minor Challenges released

25 March: Second set of Minor Challenges released

15 April: Third set of Minor Challenges released

29 April: Video submission for Major Challenge opens

2 August: Final entry deadline, registration closes

Oct-Nov: Finalists are announced and awarded for their efforts


Diagram showing competition entry pathways

There are two pathways to qualify entry into the Major Challenge:

  1. the Minor Challenge (MnC) pathway:
    Completion of 2 or more Minor Challenges, which will be sent via email every 3 weeks, and
  2. the Science and Engineering Day (SED) pathway:
    Attendance at a SED, held in April or July, which is equivalent to completing 2 Minor Challenges

While entrants are encouraged to submit a Major Challenge, entrants are welcome to only complete Minor Challenges, and/or attend a Science and Engineering Day (SED).