More Major Challenge Resources

If you are still looking for tools to implement your Major Challenge project idea, check out this list of useful tools! 

Major Challenge resources, including video editing tools, data collection tools, programming and 3D modelling tools, and online simulations

Note: Students should check with their parents/guardians/mentors prior to registering or downloading any of these resources. 

Data Collection

Arduino Science Journal App

Available for download on Android and iOS devices

Cost: Free

This app allows students to record properties such as light, movement, and sound for their science experiments. The app also enables record, store, and export data, create graphs, take notes, and take quality photos to document and present findings.

Programming and 3D Modelling


Available online. Registration is required to save progress of project

Cost: Free

This website allows students to design 3D models, build electronic circuits, and simulate circuits using drag-and-drop coding blocks. Check out the Electrical Engineering Minor Challenge and Mechanical Engineering (Intermediate/Senior) Minor Challenge for more instructions on how to get started.


Available online or download to your laptop / tablet here. Registration is required to save progress of project

Cost: Free

Scratch is a programming language with a simple visual interface that allows students to create digital stories, games, and animations. Scratch is available in 70+ languages, and students can access the library of tutorials here.

MIT App Inventor

Available online here. Registration is required to save progress of project

Cost: Free

App Inventor allows students to create fully functional tablet / mobile apps using visual programming interface. Students can access a list of tutorials here.

Online Simulator

PhET Simulations

Available online here

Cost: Free

PhET has many simulations in STEM disciplines from Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, to Mathematics. Students can use these simulations to complete their science experiments.

Slideshow and Video Editors


Available online here. Registration is required

Cost: Free (for free templates only, pro templates require subscription)

Canva is an online design tool, with thousands of templates for photos, presentations, posters and more. Students can also create and edit videos on Canva.


Download on Windows here

Cost: Free

EZVid enables video editing and screen recording on Windows. It allows students to make changes to the video, rearrange, add text, image slides, and much more.


Download on Windows, Linux or MacOS here

Check out this list of useful tools to implement your Major Challenge project idea!  Free

Avidemux enables simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It is simple to use and supports  several file types such as AVI, MP4, ASF etc.

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